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Your gift to Phalen Leadership Academies helps fuel our mission to improve the lives of children in underserved communities by providing them with the resources and support they need to receive a high quality education. Join us in helping fuel our mission to improve the lives of children across the country through high-quality education. Donate today!

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Over 5 million children across the country attend failing schools. We work to change that. We are a transformative leader in education with a track record of working with school districts and school boards to turn multiple F-rated schools into A-rated schools. The communities we serve often benefit from our wrap-around services designed to support our families. PLA is a responsive and active force in improving the lives of children and strengthening local communities.


Summer Advantage USA is our nationally recognized program designed to help scholars close the achievement gap by preventing summer learning loss and accelerating academic gains. Summer Advantage has been recognized by the White House for delivering results by providing elementary and middle school students in low–performing school districts with research-based summer learning programs focused on academic success.

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Created to foster self-sufficiency and economic parity, PLA University is among the first career training institutions of its kind. It seeks to improve the outcomes of both PLA scholars and families. The program is free to PLA family and community members. It teaches life skills, job skills, and provides job certification training and placement. Available career pathways include: Information Technology, Health & Life Sciences, Advanced Manufacturing, Supply Chain Logistics and Entrepreneurship.





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